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"Live A Life You Love,
Rather Than Escape
The One You Have"

Specialised Life Coaching for Young Adults, Teenagers and Adults online and in person.

Positive Changes You Can Expect After Working With Aaron:

My approach to coaching is unique, just as your story & needs are. I will take the time to listen, to learn, and understand the areas of your life in which you are currently struggling, or behind held-back by limiting beliefs, and then help you turn those around, and re-claim your power.

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Greater Clarity On Your Purpose & Passion

Discovering your purpose and passion is a journey that I can help you take. 

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Stronger & Restored Connections

Heal past wounds and grow as an individual, ultimately leading to healthier relationships.

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Elimination of Anxiety & Stress

Achieve mindfulness and create a more balanced lifestyle, ultimately reducing stress and anxiety.

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Improved Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Build your confidence and self-esteem, and tackle whatever challenges come your way.

“I help individuals, take back their power from the many events life has thrown at them, to help them start living a life they love, rather than escaping the one they have”

- Aaron, Founder Skills For Life Academy.

Life coaching anywhere, anytime. Aaron parked up at The Collaroy where he can work from hi

1-on-1 Life Coaching

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Adults (40+) Coaching

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Young Adults Coaching

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Life Coaching Information

Communication workshop held by life coach, Aaron Kemp on the Northern Beaches
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How Aaron became a Life Coach:

Life coaching anywhere, anytime. Aaron parked up at The Collaroy where he can work from hi

Life Coaching Works... I'm Proof!

A few years ago, I was overweight, depressed and facing financial ruin. 


I found myself in a vicious and destructive cycle that led to depression. It was the darkest period of my life. 


Then I discovered life coaches who changed everything. 


They helped me to identify and face the root of my problems and create a new future for myself and my beautiful family.


Now my life bears no resemblance to the one before coaching. I have purpose and passion in my work, and my relationships have never been healthier or happier. 


I want to help you to achieve the same. 


I’m proof that it works!

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Emerging Leaders

Unique opportunity for young adults aged 17-25 to develop their skills in a supportive and challenging environment.

Get in contact with me today!

Northern Beaches,

NSW, Australia, 2096

0400 166 249

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