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Empowering Communication

Helping Open Healthy Parent & Child Communication

This course has been designed with the parent of young adults in mind. It is to help you the parent, or you the young adult to open the lines of communication to each other.

It is designed so that both parties will learn how to actively listen and get their point across in a non-confrontational or judgmental way.
It is designed so that both parties will learn how to understand what the other person version of reality is.

A portrait of Aaron Kemp

What you will learn while you are on this course:

1. How to take your mask off for good and communicate as your authentic self.

2. Some basic NLP Meta Programs, behavioural profiles and movies that may be running the person you are communicating with and why they may not understand you.

3. Understand what triggers you and how to stop it happening.

4. Breaking down you barriers due to any childhood wounding that may have taken place and is affecting you now.

5. How to create some solid boundaries that you will both abide by.

6. How to boost each other’s self-confidence and self-esteem through communication.

7. Connect back with your authentic self so that you will always be communicating from your true self.

8. You will connect back with your inner child. That Time when everything in life seemed possible and there were no limits to what you could achieve.

9. You will tame your inner voice for good so that you become your biggest fan. Your cheerleader.

10.Finally, you will understand how to ask amazing questions without judgment that allows you to understand the movie that is running in the other persons head.

11.We will bring it all together in a format that suits you and your young adult and ensure that your communication lines are well and truly open.

12.We will now cement in a plan that you will follow moving forward.

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