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Life Coaching: Understanding DISC Profile

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Unlocking Personal Potential with DISC Behavioral Profiles in Life Coaching

Life Coaching: Understanding DISC Profile - Skills For Life Academy Blog - Life and Business Coach

Let’s now dive into DISC Behavioral profiles.

The DISC personality profile is a system designed by American Psychologist Dr William Moulton Marsden. It basically places people into 1 of 4 different behavioral types.

1. D = Dominant

2. I = Influential

3. S = Steady

4. C = Compliant

The DISC profile is an accurate personality analysis that can be used to predict the behavior of individuals.

It is a great tool for knowing how a person likes to be communicated to. Although it is not infallible it is a good starting point when communicating. The challenge will lie as usually a person will be a combination of any of the 4 Profiles but they will have one dominant style.

Authenticity entails aligning behaviours and communication with personal beliefs, values, and genuine intuition from the heart.

Alignment between the inner self and the outer self creates authenticity, reflecting true emotions, behaviours, communication, and relationships. Now let’s look at where you are currently in all areas of your life and how close you are to being your authentic self. DISC is widely used in sales negotiations, employment, recruiting, etc.

There are 2 types of DISC profiles.

1. When you are under pressure.

2. When you are natural.

Let’s take a closer look and see if you can pick your style.

1. D = Dominant.

Natural leaders, are assertive, prefer control, may struggle with authority, often in management or self-employment, are direct communicators, and dislike verbosity.

2. I = Influencer.

They like to have fun and be popular. They are outgoing and friendly and want to be your buddy. They will rarely tell people off and they like to keep people happy. They will be short on detail as going into detail isn’t fun. They like to work with other people on projects.

3. S = Steady.

They are steady people. They don’t like to rush things or be rushed. While other people are stressing out S’s will remain calm. They like to plod along and think things over before making decisions. They are liked by all personalities because of their calm disposition. They will get in and get the job done although it may not be as fast as others.

4. C = Compliant.

These are interesting characters in many ways. They tend to collect data, facts, and figures. They can often stutter their words when describing things because they are thinking about what the perfect way is to describe this. They will usually be perfectionists. Their standards are usually way higher than other people’s and they often create stress in their lives trying to live up to their own standards.

When it comes to life coaching, understanding an individual's DISC profile can be highly beneficial in several ways.

Overall, using the DISC profile in life coaching can lead to better self-awareness, improved communication, and more effective personal and professional relationships, ultimately supporting clients in achieving their goals and maximizing their potential.

Ready to explore your DISC profile and discover its impact on your life journey?

Book a FREE consultation with Aaron today and take the first step towards personal growth and self-discovery.

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