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How Does Having A Pet Change Your Mindset

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The Reason Behind Why Pets Really Are Our Best Friends

Animals are simply amazing.

We rely on them for love, fun, and work, because well, they can help us in many aspects.

We even trust them with our physical and mental health, and they’re doing a marvelous job.

They are essential in people's lives with impaired vision and help the police both with law enforcement and detective work.

Some dogs even save lives.

For example, they help people lost in the snow by finding them and keeping them warm - a profession known as “search and rescue dogs” (the famous Saint Bernard breed) .

These and many more reasons prove that animals are a part of society in more ways than one.

Knowing this, it's logical that having one changes your mentality at least a little bit.

Here we explain exactly how and in what ways that happens.

How Does Having A Pet Change Your Mindset - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

Interesting Facts About Humans And Pets

When it comes to a complex relationship like the one between pets and humans, we can’t disregard the notion that there are many fascinating facts about it!

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

How Long Have We Domesticated Animals?

Dogs were the first animals we domesticated around 15,000 years ago in Asia.

After that, in Mesopotamia, farmers started taking care of goats and sheep for the resources they still provide us.

We progressed naturally to bigger and smarter cattle, used mainly for transportation.

After the 1800s, farming became incredibly popular, and it still holds an essential place in today’s economy.

The biggest farm right now is located in China and takes care of around 230,000 dairy cows

What Are Some Of The More Weird Ones?

We all have our preferences, and it’s no different when it comes to pets.

Sugar gliders (small possums), Ciliatus geckos (lizards with eyelashes), and Pygmy goats (small goats which are surprisingly from Africa) are just to name a few of the more peculiar animals people have started looking after in the comfort of their homes.

There are cases in which people choose to look after really exotic species too.

A lion, a grizzly bear, an alligator, and even a kangaroo are some of the weirdest animals some have chosen to have.

Historically speaking, many different animals were kept as pets in the past too.

For instance, elephants, alpacas, and vultures used to be way more widespread than they are now.

What Is Some Information About Pets Globally?

There are over 800 million cats and dogs in homes worldwide right now, which means that more than 57% of the population has at least one.

And we love them a lot too.

About 80% of people in the UK give their pets Christmas and birthday gifts, and the rest of the world isn't far behind.

Owning pets has many health benefits, too - they reduce the risk of heart attacks, and they help with depression and anxiety.

Argentina and Mexico are the countries with the most pets per person - 80% of their respective population has some sort of domesticated animal.

Taking care of our furry companions is also a very high priority.

Americans, for example, spend a considerable amount of money on their pets - in 2020, a total of 103.6 billion dollars were given for food, treats, vet care, and products.

How Do We Change When We Have Pets

Alright, with all of this information in mind, here comes the main question - How do we and our mindsets change when we have pets?

Well, there are many different aspects to it, but allow us to give you insight into some of the more important ones!

Best Friend Empowerment

The saying “a pet is your best friend” is a cliche for a reason.

We have been living with animals for centuries, and ever since, we have deemed them as “man’s best friends.”

They help us in so many different ways it’s practically impossible to write them all down.

Not only that, we seem to have a subconscious understanding of them, and friendship just happens naturally.

And let’s admit it - living with your best friend is a fantastic thing that everyone should experience.

They Make Us More Compassionate

There’s no better teacher of compassion and care than animals.

They’re adorably innocent and that makes us want to take care of them in the best way possible.

Many parents think it’s a good idea to have a pet while raising a kid precisely for this reason.

When you learn from a young age that you should take care of beings less strong than you, you have the same sort of ideology about everything that surrounds you, which makes the whole world a bit better.

They Make Us More Nurturing

You're the main support system for your pet.

Shelter, food, comfort - all of these are your responsibility and your privilege.

Nurture is a skill that everyone should have regardless of age, gender, country, and social standing.

And well, it’s a no-brainer that taking care of an animal teaches you precisely that!

Many people say the best "school" for having a kid is owning a pet first.

They Make Us More Responsible

Responsibility is something fundamental to human existence.

When the life of something is in your hands, you start seeing the world through an entirely different, more grownup lens.

Learning that your actions have consequences and that something is entirely dependent on you shows you how much power you actually have and why that comes with a lot of duties.

We Start Appreciating Nature More

Nature is everywhere around us, and thanks to animals, we have a constant reminder of this wonderful fact.

Depending on what you choose to look after, you can create and experience a different mini-ecosystem that teaches you more about its specifics.

The world is an enormous place, and by having a pet, you can learn about different parts of it and make mini versions of them right in your own home.

Not only that, but walking or running in nature with your pet is one of the best experiences one may have that will enrich your idea of nature!

We Start To Appreciate Non-Verbal Communication

We are used to using speech as a form of communication in our daily lives.

Animals are our way of remembering that that’s not the only way and that sometimes it's better to focus on different tools to express yourself.

In today's fast-paced society, it's normal sometimes to want everything to be literal and fast, but all living things require more than that to be happy.

Having a pet is a reminder of just that - good things take time, care, and attention.

Animals are our lifelong companions and a source of unconditional love.

We have been relying on them the same way they have on us for thousands of years and this connection has made us better humans for sure.

Regardless of what pet we choose to have or where we are in the world, the language we use to translate our love for them is universal which is simply incredible.

It's a big commitment but owning an animal is both an exhilarating and humbling experience.

Need help in knowing what the pet of your dreams is? Book a FREE consultation with Aaron today!

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