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The Artist Versus The Scientist

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are They Really So Different?

The Artist Versus The Scientist - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

If we answer without thinking about it, artists and scientists have almost nothing in common.

Or so would the most widespread stereotypes suggest.

The first sort of people are like vibrant thunderstorms - they are impulsive and colorful and don’t conform to boundaries.

The second resembles a very complex building - sturdy and secure and reliant on the laws of the world.

In this metaphor, both would even actively oppose each other.

However, what if we said that these two mindsets while having their differences, share some common traits and are definitely far from structurally opposite.

So, are you ready to learn more about these two mindsets? Let’s go!

The Two Mindsets

The Artist Versus The Scientist - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

Now, after you have the basic premise, let’s have a deeper look at these two seemingly unrelated mindsets.

If You Are An Artist…

  • You are innately curious. Your curiosity brings you the inspiration to create something new.

  • You are open to change.

  • You are passionate about your craft.

  • You wouldn’t be yourself if you didn’t do what you do best - create.

  • You are independent. No one else can truly be like you or understand every part of what you do, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • You thrive when you are creative. Creation is never a straight path - it’s full of twists and turns, and you love every bit of it.

  • Everything else feels as if it’s not enough, as if you are not your best self.

  • You feel best when you have the flow. This mystical power that makes everything work is your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy.

  • You seek an audience. No artist can say they are one if no one has seen or heard even just a single piece of their work.

  • You rely on your inner feelings. Whatever your emotions may be, they are your most significant source of inspiration and the reason why you create.

If You Are A Scientist

  • You are innately curious. You want to know everything about the subject that interests you.

  • You are open to change. Sometimes hypotheses don’t always work out, but that only makes the problem more interesting and your methods of research more diverse.

  • You are passionate about your craft. Every puzzle must have a solution. It's just a matter of how diligently you look for it.

  • You are independent.

  • If you are really certain of a statement, you would go to the edge of the world to defend it.

  • You thrive when everything is practical. If everything is done correctly, only the truest outcomes will be left, and that’s what you aim for.

  • You feel best when you are sure. Certainty is the best feeling in the world - if you're sure of something, nothing can stop you.

  • You don’t care about fame. As long as your discoveries are real, who knows about them makes absolutely no difference to your feeling of fulfilment.

  • You rely on the truth. It doesn’t matter who or if someone is opposing you, the absolute truth is the biggest motivation for your diligent work.

The Comparison

So how do these two types of mindsets compare? Let’s have a look at the differences and similarities!


Let’s start with how these two mindsets differ.

While one actively searches for an audience, the other doesn’t require other people’s opinions or fame to feel accomplished.

Another thing that’s a major difference is that one type (the artist) relies on their inner feelings while the other only cares about the objective truth.

The way they complete their work is also quite different - artists have their sacred flow, while scientists depend on their senses of certainty and objectivity.

Finally, but equally important, one type thrives when they let their creativity roam free, while the others prefer for everything to be practical and orderly. (Guess which one’s which…)


Now that we have the differences clear let’s see what these two mindsets have in common.

For starters, they are both extremely curious - it is in fact their driving force most of the time.

Following that is the fact that both types not only don’t mind change but also welcome it with open arms.

Change means that their work has had an effect, and there’s no bigger recognition than that.

Of course, that’s only true if they have another thing in common - that they are passionate about what they do.

As long as they care deeply about their field, they are unstoppable in pursuing what they set out to do, and this is the main focus of their lives.

However, living this way is not easy.

This is precisely the other vital thing in which they are similar - both types of people are very independent - they can take care of themselves and can pursue their dreams alone should the need arise.

Because what they do is just that important - this is the only way they feel true to themselves.

Which one do you support more?

When you really put your mind to it, it turns out that while artists and scientists have their differences at the same time, share a lot of their respective mindsets.

Now which part tips the scales is entirely up to the individual’s ideology and strength of emotions.

However, one thing is certain - it’s never black and white when it comes to comparing these two mindsets.

Want to certainly know which type are you? Book a FREE consultation with Aaron today to learn what suits you best!


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