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The Universe's Basic Training

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The Universe's Basic Training

The Universe's Basic Training - Skills For Life Academy Blog - Life and Business Coach

Challenges provide us with an environment of change. They make us stronger.

I remember Air Force Basic Training. My Training Instructor aimed to teach and reshape me to fit the military's requirements through intense breakdown and rebuilding. These are two of the underlying premises of your first few weeks, or months, of your time in the military. Actually, I enjoyed it, but then Air Force Basic is only between six and eight weeks. The other branches have much more extensive training programs that can last for months.

By reflecting on past challenges, I assess the transformation of individuals after enduring them, including myself. Similar to Basic Training, one either becomes stronger and mission-ready or faces setbacks and repeats the training process.


I have been hit with many challenges throughout my life. Having successfully completed the training, I can confidently say that I have significantly improved my abilities. Of course, life continues to throw odd little challenges every day. I've realized that it's my responsibility to create challenges and my choice to confront and overcome them.

Any time that you remain quiet and still, challenges will rarely appear. This is because you're not moving and your space in life is stagnant. However, true challenges only occur once you decide to move forward. When you move, you create an imbalance that must be rebalanced, thus creating friction. Once you gain some momentum, the friction becomes inconsequential, and balance returns to accommodate your new state of forward movement.


Every time you move toward a goal, the Universe acknowledges your movement and immediately establishes a path of travel. It literally defines future events and situations based on your current decisions and actions. However, this path can be seen as the curriculum necessary to prepare you for the ultimate objective. The Universe won't guide your path, but it presents lessons to help you learn what's essential for your chosen goal.


We are always ready to hold on to who we are and what we have. It is a safety zone and a way to keep things comfortable and easy for ourselves. But, sometimes this safety zone can site us and eventually kill our will.

The difficulty in handling challenges is in our ability to adapt and adjust to the circumstance and to a new view of ourselves. In every challenge comes an opportunity for growth and change. This growth is a way to prepare us for our future and to open new doors for experience and further growth. Once you learn to embrace this growth and your new self, you will be able to move forward in life with ease.

What's next?

Challenges provide us with an environment of change. They make us stronger. They force us to use our creativity to devise new ways of doing things. They help us to grow and be better than we were before. Learn to adapt as challenges present themselves. Don't allow the challenge to dene you. While conquering challenges, identify beneficial aspects and integrate the lessons learned into your life's journey.

Accept, adapt, and become a newer and better person for every new lesson. Upon reflection, you'll realize that you've not only grown as an individual but also achieved your desired objectives.

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