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Thriving in Your Golden Years: Benefits of Life Coaching for Those Over 50

Embracing the Next Chapter with Life Coaching

The Golden Years…The good…The bad…The reality? Ageing is part of the natural course of life. The question is… Are you willing to see beyond the bigger picture?

Thriving in Your Golden Years: Benefits of Life Coaching for Those Over 50 - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

Life is valuable no matter what our age is. That’s why every day on Earth is a blessing for sure. But, only if we can allow ourselves to truly enjoy can we see the beauty of living. In today’s blog, we’ll look at how life coaching can help no matter how “late” you may think it is to transform your 50s and beyond.

Debunking the Midlife Crisis Myth

The Edmonton Transitions Study (ETS) conducted by the University of Alberta revealed that the "glory days" were not in the late teens, as many believed.

"When we followed them over time, happiness increased up to age 32 and then kind of levelled off by age 43, but it didn't go down after that," said psychologist Nancy Galambos, who co-authored the study with sociologist Harvey Krahn and human ecologist Matthew Johnson.

Economists have long thought that the mid-life crisis existed, but they had no longitudinal research to back up their claims, instead relying on cross-sectional data of people of various ages studied at one moment in time. As a result, midlife psychological changes are good. Positive emotion gradually rises throughout the lifespan, while personality becomes more stable and self-accepting.

Life Coaching has no age limits

Thriving in Your Golden Years: Benefits of Life Coaching for Those Over 50 - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

"We no longer plan for the future, at least not in a big way. But it is necessary that we continue with our life's work."

Indeed, I have met lots of middle-aged people who had to reduce their needs, and choke their desires simply because 'there isn't any time left’. However, Ruskin Bond's book, The Golden Years: The Many Joys Of Living A Good Long Life takes the opposite view, reiterating the basic and obvious fact that creative people never retire.

According to Casadei et al. (2019), life coaching is a viable technique for increasing health, self-management, adherence to health promotion activities, and, as a result, enhancing the quality of life for people in their 50’s. Programs that allow the elderly to control their symptoms and treatments based on lifestyle modifications are critical for living a healthy life. Self-management promotes problem-solving, exercise compliance, medicine adherence, and communication skills.

Look at some of the significant reasons for hiring a life coach in your golden years.

A Partner who can Guide You in Making the Most of Life

Your weekly coaching sessions give a secure space for you to speak everything you want—even things that people in your life may not understand. A career transition at the age of 50 may seem unrealistic to some, but not to your life coach. Rather, if that's what you want, your coach will encourage you and assist you in figuring out how to attain it.

A Fantastic Support System

Consider that you may not have a strong support system as you would like or need during your middle-aged years. In reality, at this age, you are frequently the support system for others in your life, whether they are your children, friends, or elder parents. Life coaching is an excellent approach to ensure that you are also taking care of yourself.

A Collaborator Putting Plans in Motion

Your life coach is more than just an excellent listener. They are also a collaborator. If you have a goal in life, your coach will help you create action plans to achieve it.

There is no better moment than now to think substantially and optimistically about your future. And doing so with a dedicated life coach improves the experience.

The sooner you start with a free consultation with Aaron today, the better your golden years will be.


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