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Why It's Okay To Change Your Mind

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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Why It's Okay To Change Your Mind - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

We can all agree that society is a pretty complicated thing.

In our current fast and complicated environment, we constantly find ourselves jumping through different vicissitudes in our current fast, complicated environment. This often leaves us questioning exactly how we feel and what we think about specific circumstances.

However, when we don't have time to give ourselves the full answers, we sometimes neglect this process altogether and just run to the next thing. This way, we may form conclusions that could be untrue and present themselves as a problem in the future.

Not only that but lacking the time necessary to process everything completely means that it's more likely to make the same mistakes when faced with a similar situation.

When analyzing anything thoroughly, it's common to end up changing our minds regarding specific aspects of it because of the new information we now have. This is a completely naturally occurring phenomenon and yet some people find it difficult to accept. Here we explain why it's not a bad thing to change your mind and moreover why we think it's actually beneficial.

Why Do We Avoid Change?

Much like any decision we make, and in fact, everything else that we do, there is a reason for it. So why is it that we avoid change, really? What’s the driver behind this tendency of our human nature?

Let’s have a look!

Too Much Ego

Firstly there's the topic of ego. For the purposes of this article, when we talk about ego, what we mean is the feeling of pride and stubbornness in someone when it's in irrational proportions compared to the gravity of the situation. Some people have a hard time admitting they're wrong even when they know it would be better for them in the long run.

The reason behind this is actually pretty simple. In today's age, we are taught that to be correct is the biggest goal one must have. This idea is reinforced in schools, at home, and in pretty much all social situations ever since we were kids.

Because most of our early lives are spent being surrounded by people preaching this mindset, we see it as normal and ignore the consequences it actively or passively has on us. But you see, admitting you're wrong isn't actually that scary or that bad. In fact, it proves growth and intelligence as well as humility. Being wrong is synonymous with being human because we grow and change throughout our entire lives. Once you understand that, it's hard to expect to be correct all the time. And that is a truth that will make you happier in the long run.

Fear Of Change

Admitting you're wrong about something will likely lead to some sort of change. And we all know how scary that sounds. However, this process is also the only one through which you can improve your current state. Generally speaking, we as humans love routine.

We find comfort in the fact that we know what's going to happen when that will be and what it will lead to. Anything that's incorrect, or not according to plan pops this cozy bubble which is why we feel distressed in similar situations. The initial emotion we just described is often enough for us to try and avoid change, however, that's not the whole story. Once you admit something's not right, you now have to actually put in the work to fix it. This is when a completely different emotion takes the stage.

We're talking about the fear of failure - a constant quiet state of panic that we won't achieve what we've set out to do. Battling this is hard every time, but we get proportionally better at it with practice. Generally speaking, the more we try to better ourselves and the state of things, the more confident we get in the future. Not only that but by having the bravery to change something big about yourself or your life, smaller and less important switches are much easier.

What Does Change Bring To The Table?

Alright, let’s assume that we do get out of the usual pattern of predictable living and decide to completely overhaul our mindset. Well, if we do that, what are the benefits we reap from it, past the stage where we’re afraid of diving in the unknown? Let’s find out!

Personal Development

By changing yourself in the direction you want to, you are constantly improving who you are.

Think of it like moulding clay - artists start with a general idea and reshape the material until it fits their concept.

We work in basically the same way with one very important difference - our ideas are always evolving.

There's no other way to progress than through this continuous act of change.

The good thing is that the earlier you realize this and start doing it, the more skilled you'll become. The quality and quantity of these changes of perception are highly dependent on how you see yourself and how much you're willing to invest in them.

All of us can say that we find more intricate and sophisticated people to be more interesting.

What we sometimes forget, however, is that they're like that because they have developed a lot through the years. By putting in the work to change things, you are on the same road as them, becoming the best version of yourself you can be and smiling through it.


Positively changing your life comes with both short and long-term benefits. And we're not just talking about the positives that come with the switch itself. By taking care of yourself in this manner, you will likely gain massive amounts of self-confidence.


Well, because your brain is learning, it should focus on self-improvement, seeing as this makes us happier. Not only that, but it's reaping the rewards at the same time. Relying on yourself for these personal changes means that you're the only one who takes credit when you finally achieve them.

It's no small feat to kick bad habits or put the effort to do what makes you happy, and when you see how much you've improved, your conviction grows. By doing this, you're putting yourself in a positive circle of wanting to improve and achieving it easier.

Change is not Scary

We evolve constantly. Our mindsets do too. And because of this, we constantly shift from one idea to the next. It's a complicated and sometimes tiring process, but it's what's needed for us to become who we truly want to be.

By admitting that you're not always right and that you can change your mind in order to be not only correct but happier, you are opening yourself up to a world of possibilities. Once you remove the walls around you, telling you to only go in the same direction, you can see how much the world has to offer and can choose your own path. This is possible only when we allow ourselves to change our minds and to think ourselves better for it.

Now that you know all this, what's the first thing that you'll change in your mindset and your life?

Need help with finding the right answer? Book a FREE consultation with Aaron today to take the first step towards self-improvement!

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