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Do any of these statements sound familiar?

➢ You worry too much.
➢ You must drag yourself out of the bed every morning and often wake up
feeling sad for no obvious reason.
➢ You’re disposed to making negative predictions.
➢ You worry about the worst that could happen in any situation.
➢ You take negative feedback very personally.
➢ You’re your biggest critic.
➢ You avoid people more than you should.
➢ Anything less than perfection feels like failure

If they do, then there’s a chance that you’re experiencing some
degree of anxiety and/or depression.
➔ As a result of these experiences, you’re likely to feel sad and
➔ Fortunately, these feelings can be healed.
➔ You will find a wide range of skills and tools to help manage and
overcome your anxiety.

E- Book - The Anty Anxiety Formula

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  • This specially designed work book has been designed to take you on a  journey to help you to break free from Anxiety

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