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Group Coaching: A Professional Coaching Trend You Need To Try

​How Group Coaching Makes a Difference

Team coaching is becoming more popular in businesses and is considered a growing trend. This is hardly surprising considering the recent rise of multicultural work teams and the links between team effectiveness and organizational performance.

Group Coaching: A Professional Coaching Trend You Need To Try  - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

According to the 2021 Leadership Coaching Report from Sounding Board, 67 percent of HR leaders said group coaching boosted employee engagement and happiness, and 60 percent said it improved employees' perceptions of leadership quality.

Today, we look at why group coaching is one of the growing trends in the coaching industry. It’s a good day to discover how it can create a positive influence for you and your business.

Group Coaching – A Growing Trend

Forbes Panel (2023) saw several new life coaching trends emerge in 2022, and they feel that some of these movements will continue into the new year and beyond. One of the trends and patterns they observed in the professional coaching industry over the past year that have had and will continue to have a significant impact is group coaching.

Wherein, IMPAQ Corporation's Mark Samuel said that professional coaching is expanding in two directions. The first is team or group coaching, in which a coach assists a person within the framework of a team that needs to improve in execution and relationships. The second approach is to serve as a consultative coach, offering customers new strategies to prioritize, improve accountability with peers and direct reports, and improve upward communication, presentations, and report success.

The Essence of Group Coaching

I myself, having been in the life coaching industry for several years, can attest that testing out new waters — trying out the latest coaching trends and approaches will make it easier for you to reach your personal goals. And after that, it may seem easy to go up the ladder and achieve self-fulfilment quickly.

Group coaching is the embodiment of hitting two birds with one stone — a scalable method of personal and professional development that results in long-term behavioural change and growth.

It is a peer learning method facilitated by a group coach who gradually encourages the debate and assists in deepening the learning. It focuses on meaningful topic research and coaching on how concepts might be applied to each individual and their specific goals. Hearing the voices, viewpoints, and experiences of fellow participants is the most valuable aspect of the group coaching experience. They are encouraged to be open and honest about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Individuals enhance their listening skills and understand what it takes to create a coaching culture based on trust and personal connection.

Building trust is indeed a difficult task. Hence, group coaching helps to develop social connection and trust, as well as build the skill sets required to thrive through change, in a world where collaborative, collective leadership is crucial.

Group coaching brings together people from the same organization, various parts of the same organization, or other companies. We've seen it work in a variety of contexts and on a variety of topics.

Group coaching can be tailored to specific needs, and the impact of this coaching style will benefit both the organization as a whole and individuals. Let's take a further look at why it's worthwhile to make the investment!

Group Coaching: A Professional Coaching Trend You Need To Try - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

What's The Difference?

Multicultural perspectives: Group coaching brings together participants with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. This diversity can lead to richer discussions and problem-solving, as different perspectives can offer new insights and solutions.

Peer support and accountability: Participants in group coaching can provide each other with support and hold one another accountable for their goals and actions. This peer support can be motivating and help individuals stay on track.

Networking opportunities: Group coaching often involves participants from various industries and backgrounds, providing a valuable networking opportunity. Participants can make connections and build relationships that may benefit their personal or professional development.

Skill development: Group coaching can focus on specific skills or areas of development, such as leadership, communication, or time management. Participants can learn from both the coach and their peers, gaining a broader range of skills and knowledge.

Enhanced self-awareness: Through group discussions and feedback, participants can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their challenges. This increased self-awareness can be a catalyst for personal growth and development.

Collective problem-solving: Group coaching sessions can be a forum for collective problem-solving. Participants can share their challenges and receive input and solutions from the coach and the group, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

Efficiency and time-saving: Group coaching allows a coach to work with multiple participants simultaneously, making it a more time-efficient way to reach a larger audience.

Sense of belonging: Group coaching can create a sense of belonging and community among participants, as they work toward common goals and share their experiences. This can enhance motivation and engagement.

Learning from others' experiences: Participants can learn from the experiences and successes of others in the group, gaining insights and strategies that they might not have considered on their own.

Real-time feedback: Group coaching allows participants to receive real-time feedback and guidance from both the coach and their peers, which can accelerate personal and professional growth.

Future trends will shift away from individual heroic leaders and emphasize the importance of a collaborative leadership culture, creating partnerships with the larger organisation and all of its stakeholders. Group coaching meets this need by allowing people to grow, be vulnerable, and discover while supporting one another on their journey.

If you want to get comfortable with the viewpoint of group coaching, book a FREE consultation with Aaron to find out what services can be specifically tailored for you.


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