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Why is a Life Coach Your Investment Vehicle?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Bridging the gap between business and self-growth.

Investing money is usually associated with entrusting your hard-earned life’s work into a financial account, hoping it can potentially give you a bigger return in the future.

While it may be sensible to have financial security, one may fail to recognise the true essence of how we may achieve our goals. In today’s post, we are going to dig deep into finding the true value of investing in yourself and how a life coach will play a vital role in this.

Why is a Life Coach Your Investment Vehicle? - Skills For Life Academy - Blog

The Goal: Self-Growth

Every person's journey through life is not one like the other. Yet, the commonality between us all is the constant endeavour to become better versions of ourselves.

Your aim in life is to level up constantly.

You encounter difficult obstacles, gain new knowledge, and accumulate experiences every day. As a result, you build up your strengths, gain life lessons, and acquire necessary skills. That is self-growth!

Determining your goals, when you need or want to attain them, and your level of comfort with risk for each goal is the first step to personal growth and development.

Saad (2023) survey revealed that individuals who succeed in their goals are more likely to have carefully thought them out, written down specifics, and continually reminded themselves of their goals.

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What is an investment vehicle?

Investment vehicles can be a useful resource for achievement.

They stand for any investment strategy with the potential for capital growth. Similarly put in a real-life setting, choosing to capitalise on your personal development will entail looking for the most effective strategy to achieve this. Thus, the need to search for the best-suited one can set a bar so high that will leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Who would only want less than perfect for one’s self?”.

Yet, when we open our eyes to reality, there are one too many “right” ways to go through this. It may be in the form of a new environment, going back to your roots, or even just simply having a life coach.

Take the Risk with a Life Coach

Everyone wants something to be made out of their lives – be it stability, adventure, or wealth.

Some can be accomplished quickly and checked off in a few weeks. Others require a five-year plan of continual commitment and effort. These long-term and short-term goals work together to build the “best” life you ought to achieve.

Understanding your goals and the timetables will help determine the risk level you can afford to take and which parts should be given priority. This is where life coaches come into the picture.

Change frequently forces us to reevaluate our identity or the skills we've taken for granted.

Giving up what you know and are comfortable with might be difficult, especially if you feel you "should" be happy and contented but aren't. Working with the right life coach will help you reinvestigate the circumstances that brought about this dynamic shift in life.

Simply put, life coaches work to help people reach their full potential by utilising each person's special talents and abilities. A life coach is skilled at probing the proper questions to elicit the essence of your true desires. Then, map out a plan for you to set goals and find tactics to achieve them.

Return of Investment = Guaranteed Results from Life Coach

Life coaching is effective since it is a solution-focused strategy for personal development. Studies show that you are more likely to succeed in achieving your goals if you work with a partner who can inspire, motivate, and focus you than if you are on your own.

In the words of Tony Robbins, "A life coach just has a different perspective... The coach can see what you can't see because you are in the forest, while they are outside of it."

Maintaining an objective and unbiased perspective of the situation is quite challenging when you are the one involved.

Life coaching provides a refreshing and unexpected viewpoint. People frequently have "self-limiting beliefs" that will leave them feeling stuck and unaccomplished. You can break free from these restricting thoughts and proceed in the right direction by getting a new perspective from a life coach.

On top of that, life coaches assist you with:

  • Create a vision for your life and set personalized goals for it.

  • Make individualized goal-setting plans.

  • Reach your objectives.

  • Balance your life and work better.

  • Determine potential barriers, such as limiting beliefs.

  • Clearly state your essential values and views.

  • Boost your communication skills

  • Encourage new connections and strengthen existing ones

  • Expand your network

  • Improved change and transition management

The Perfect Formula is to Accept Losses

“If the ship starts to sink, pray and then jump!”

There will come a time when we come face to face with a pivotal situation that may make or break us.

Whatever the results may be, we must move on to yield more accomplishments in the future and joyfully accept that minor losses are a feature of investing in life. Odds are always at best, a 50/50 case scenario.

It may seem hard to jump off the edge of the cliff while clinging to it.

Self-limiting behaviour frequently manifests itself the most when you need the confidence to take chances for the sake of change. With every obstacle, there will always be failures and inhibitions yet your life coach will simply hold your hand all throughout — like how Aaron was able to discover life coaches in the darkest moments of his life.

In the grand scheme of things, life all boils down to moving forward and accepting your losses. It comes with taking the leap for a dynamic life with an inspiring goal or leading a life that is valued and purposeful.

If you're choosing to invest in yourself, book a FREE consultation with Aaron today to learn how life coaching will help you take the first step in achieving self-growth.


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